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Selection and Recruitment Services

Our approach:

Our sourcing and selection process is totally adapted to specificities of the local labour context.

Specificities are :

  • The lack of qualified profiles : 80% of companies are seeking at the same time what makes up 20% of the labour market.

  • A high employees turnover.

  • Only few candidates really manage correctly their career.

  • HR development systems, retention policies and talent management are insufficiently implemented within the companies.

  • High demand of jobs to be provided.

Sourcing Tools

Our sourcing tools allow us to constitute a candidates data base covering all economic sectors. The data base is daily updated through :

  • Offers and call for applicants published on our Web site www.teamconsult-dz.com

  • Use of professional and social networks (facebook, linkedIn, viadeo…).

  • Candidate’s networks.

  • No need of press notices.

Data base structure

The data base counts three large components:

  • Local candidates files;

  • Expatriate candidates files;

  • And a dossier of candidates from the Maghreb established abroad.

The data base is structured on three axes:

  • Geography: country/area

  • Sector: Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, etc…

  • Skills: marketing, Sales, Finance, etc…

Process of selection and recruitment

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