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Salary Surveys

Team Consulting joined Willis Towers Watson Data Services, one of the leading players to the global employer community for salary surveys. Its data centers cover about 100 countries across six continents.

Combining a worldwide methodology with a local proximity, Team Consulting International and Willis Towers Watson Data Services will implement an annual series of cross-sectorial salary surveys as well as surveys covering different sectors of the Algerian economy.

As a local specialist, Team Consulting International makes sure to take into account all the legal specificities and Algerian HR practices at each step of the salary survey's process.

Willis Towers Watson Data Services surveys cover more than 2 700 worldwide companies and provide :

  • annual surveys reports on salaries, social benefits and HR practices used in local and multinational companies in the main sectors

  • a reliable processing of data with a guaranty on the quality of the provided data and coherence in the introductory reports.
To purchase or participate to our salary surveys, please contact our office to the following address: contact@teamconsult-dz.com or reach WTWDS teams through their web site: www.wtwdataservices.com

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