Organizational Development

Our support is based on the following principles

  • A specific and adapted approach to each client needs.
  • A strong collaboration to join our expertise and our visions.
  • An expertise transfer of all methodologies and tools to the client, to ensure the sustainability of its operations.

Our services:

  • Leadership teams support on organizational, corporate culture and governance policies.
  • HR policies and HR development processes implementation
    • Organizational and HR diagnosis
    • Talent Management/ Talent mapping
    • Training plans and training policies
    • Assessment center systems
    • Skill improvement for HR teams
  • Support on change management for OD and HR transformation project.

Talent Development

Team Consulting provides training sessions and coaching to develop leadership skills and personal effectiveness to middle, senior and top managers. We adapt our training approach systems to any client’s specific context.


  • Leadership and Management trainings
  • Personal effectiveness
  • Project management

Individual coaching

  • Senior leadership coaching
  • Assessment center and individual development plan

Team building

  • Support on team-working improvement or issues

Talent acquisition

Recruitment services

Team Consulting consultants use sourcing and selection processes fully adapted to the local labor market specificities.


Team Consulting offers individual and collective outplacement services to support collaborators to explore new opportunities in the labor market.

Assessment Center

Team Consulting offers assessment systems used to ensure reliability of recruitments or internal promotion selections. Those assessments are also used to set up individual and collective development plans in a talent management context.

Brand Development

Team Consulting develops a specific approach to analyse and assess the employer brand. It also supports its clients to set up adjustment plans.